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How Are Your Electric Co-ops Responding?

1. Are we prepared for this situation?
Yes. Protecting the energy grid and ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity are the top priorities of the electric power industry and always have been. In order to do this, your electric cooperative is focusing on the need to ensure that their employees and their families are healthy and safe. In the normal course of operation, they face many situations such as ice storms, tornadoes, vehicle crashes and flash flooding that affect power supply. They have plans in place to deal with all of these situations, and these same plans can be used to ensure they continue to provide their members with the service they expect during this situation. Our association supports the efforts of its member systems in many ways. We provide communications so members and state agencies know what is going on. We coordinate a Mutual Aid program that can bring additional people and resources to an affected system, no matter what the problem is. We also coordinate support from the state and federal emergency assistance agencies, electric cooperative associations in other states and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

2. Will we lose power because of the virus?
No negative impacts to delivery of electricity have occurred or are expected due to this pandemic. Your electric cooperative continues to take all appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, protect employees and safeguard the electric system. Our combined efforts from all facets of our three-tiered generation, transmission and distribution system will ensure the reliable delivery of electricity that members expect.

3. Why are some offices closed?
This is not only for public safety but for the safety and wellbeing of co-op employees. Closing the office to everyone except employees is one of the key steps public health officials are recommending to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We strongly encourage all members to instead use one of the many convenient options their co-op may offer including payment dropboxes, online billing services, smart phone apps or by calling the co-op.

4. When will the offices reopen?
Electric co-ops will reopen their offices as soon as they can safely do so and on the advice of public health officials. We know this temporary change may create additional difficulties for consumer-members and we appreciate their patience as we navigate this difficult situation. 

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