Electric Co-ops join Gov. Nixon, Ameren, Westinghouse for nuclear power announcement

Nuclear Power Announcement

Alliance to help Westinghouse Electric apply for DOE funds
See a video of the announcement here.

Barry-UE-Gov_crop.jpgBarry Hart, CEO of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, took part in a major announcement on April 19 together with Gov. Jay Nixon and representatives from Ameren Missouri and Westinghouse Electric Company. 

Ameren announced it has entered into an agreement with Westinghouse to exclusively support Westinghouse's application for the Department of Energy's (DOE) Small Modular Reactors (SMR) investment funds of up to $452 million. The investment funding, announced by the DOE on March 22, will support first-of-its-kind engineering, design certifications and operating licenses for up to two SMR designs over five years.

            The objectives of the DOE program are to support efforts for the United States to become the global leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sale of American-made SMRs around the world, as well as expand our nation's options for nuclear power. Westinghouse expects to submit the investment fund application by mid-May. A final decision on awarding the investment funds is expected in the summer of 2012.

            All of Missouri's electric energy providers, which includes Ameren Missouri, the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc., The Empire District Electric Company, Kansas City Power & Light Company, and the Missouri Public Utility Alliance, have also committed to supporting the Westinghouse application to the DOE.

            Hart spoke on behalf of this utility coalition, which he said came together to put the best interests of the state first. “As someone who spent 10 years of his career trying to attract new business and industry to our state, I can’t tell you how big a deal this is for Missouri. This is going to provide jobs and economic opportunity for our state for a long, long time,” READ MORE...


April 20, 2012
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